Celebrity chef GORDON RAMSAY has stuck his oar into the row between Lily Allen and CHERYL COLE by backing the "curvy" LDN singer.

Gordon, whose famous foul mouth and fiery temper has landed him in hot water many times in the past, backed Lily in the continuing spat between the singers as she "obviously eats properly".

Lily and Cheryl have been at each other's throats after Cheryl branded the Londoner a "chick with a d***", causing Lily to question her looks and weight.

However, Lily hit back and criticised Cheryl's apparent lack of singing talent and the fact that she married a footballer.

But Gordon has thrown his two-pennies-worth in, backing curvy Lily. "She's beautiful isn't she?," he said. "She has a great figure and obviously eats properly. There's none of that vegetarian s*** with her."

The chef, who stars in the F-Word at one of his London restaurants, also laid into Cheryl and her bandmates from GIRLS Aloud when they came in for a meal on the show and admitted they were vegetarians. Gordon immediately went into a rage, claiming veggies didn't eat properly.

At the Baftas, he told the Daily Mail: "Girls Aloud really need to eat; Cheryl came onto the show and she is so skinny, it's a f****** disgrace.

"They need to stop worrying about having to be disgustingly skinny and start looking like real women, like Lily Allen."

21/05/2007 14:53:06