Lily Allen keeps needing to "pee" as reaches the end of her pregnancy.

The 'Smile' singer is in her final trimester and it seems she is suffering from a Common side-effect for expectant mothers, pressure on the bladder which makes you need to go to the toilet.

Writing on her twitter page today (16.11.11), she revealed: "Moaning , I went for 6 pees in the night. I'd get up, but I can't face my tights. Dismiss. (sic)"

Although Lily - who is married to Sam Cooper - is always bursting for the toilet she hasn't been filling up on too much seasonal coffee and was unimpressed by a recent festive hot drink.

Writing earlier in the week, she tweeted: "Costa gingerbread latte not up to much. Eugh. (sic)"

The 26-year-old pop star has been happy to share the trials and tribulations of her pregnancy with her twitter followers, and has often joked about the effects her ever-expanding baby bump has had on her.

She previously quipped online: "I feel like a penguin, not the chocolate covered biscuity kind, but an actual penguin that waddles ... now can't stop thinking about chocolatey penguins doh! (sic)."