Lily Allen has lent her support to a campaign to increase the use of renewable energy around the country.

The young star sang: "Sun is in the sky, oh why, oh why, would I want to be anywhere else?" on her hit LDN and has now added her celebrity to the Friends of the Earth campaign to urge MPs to give homes and businesses a financial reward for using green energy sources such as solar power.

Along with the likes of Bloc Party, Johnny Borrell, Hot Chip and Klaxons, Allen has recorded at The Premises solar recording studio in Hackney, east London, and said she is now fully behind the Friends of the Earth bid to provide incentives for using renewable energy.

"Having worked at The Premises solar-powered recording studio I have experienced how clean and green renewable energy is," the Smile star explained.

"I fully support giving people a renewable energy reward for the power they generate. It's good to be green!"

Julia Craik, managing director of The Premises, explained: "However much they might wish to be green, for many businesses it is simply not financially viable to install renewable energy.

"If the UK followed the example of Germany and introduced a premium feed-in tariff the initial costs of installing renewable technologies such as our solar panels will be recouped in a much shorter time, and after that turn a profit. This would be a huge incentive."

She added: "With more government action there could be far more solar-powered businesses like The Premises studios and many households would want to generate their own renewable energy.

"Then the move to be green, that is now an imperative, will have turned a huge corner."

The Premises has sent a letter to MPs calling for an amendment to the Energy Bill, on which the House of Commons will vote tomorrow.

29/04/2008 00:01:01