A proposed second series of Lily Allen and Friends, the singer's television show, has been abandoned.

The BBC3 chatshow had been re-commissioned last year, despite a critical mauling and low viewing figures.

But according to the channel's controller Danny Cohen, the Smile star will now not be returning to the screen this year.

"We've got a gap because we're not doing another Lily Allen show," he told the Sun newspaper.

"But I'm hopeful we'll find something else. We have irons in the fire."

The 24-year-old had said last year she would only give her talkshow a mark of "probably five out of ten".

"It was a period when I decided not to be a singer or go on tour," she commented.

"I made a lot of money out of it. Thank you, licence-payers - that was very nice of you."

She joked: "You think Russell Brand is your problem. Actually it's me."

Allen's new single The Fear is released on January 26th.

14/01/2009 15:56:24