David Haye has signed up to Storm Models.

The British boxer joins Lily Allen, Kate Moss and Emma Watson at the agency in their special bookings division.

The 29-year-old WBA Heavy Weight Campion of the World admits he is a newcomer to the fashion world, but is keen to get involved in it.

He said: "I'm still shocked by the amount of interest and approaches I've received since becoming World Champion.

"I love the glamour and style of the fashion world but when it started enquiring after me I thought it best to be steered through it by an agency such as Storm, as it's something they know a lot better than me."

However, the sportsman claims his work as a model will not interfere with his boxing.

He said: "You won't see me walking around London with an A to Z looking lost and trying to find a casting!

"I've asked them to keep an eye out in case the right campaign or show presents itself - as long as it doesn't get in the way of being Heavyweight Champion of the World."

David has won all but one fight since his boxing career began in 2002.