Lily Allen thrives on male attention

The 'Not Fair' singer loves surrounding herself with men as she likes feeling as if she is the centre of their world.

She explained: "I enjoy the company of men more than women. I like the attention, I suppose. It probably sounds really b****y, but I like being on tour because I know all my boys, my band, first and foremost their priority is looking out for me, and I like that.

"I like being in a room and four f***ing bimbos coming in and they're all drooling after them but knowing that really the one they care about is me. That makes me feel comforted. And maybe that's sick."

However, the 24-year-old singer insists she is not interested in being viewed as a sex object my men.

Lily enjoys The Feeling of power she gets when she knows men think she looks attractive, but also wants boys to be interested in more than just her looks and body.

She added to GQ magazine: "I like people to find me sexually attractive. But I don't like people thinking of me as t**s-and-a*s. I'm just not interested in that."