Lily Allen has been shooting a video in the US, despite being banned from working by authorities in the country.

The gobby singer's work visa was revoked earlier this week over an alleged clash with a photographer in London, which has yet to be resolved.

Lily branded the decision "pathetic" after the youngster was not allowed a visa to accept paid work in the US. She was not charged by police, however, meaning there is some confusion over why she was stopped.

Murray Chalmers, spokesman for EMI Music in London, said in a statement: "The authorities decided to revoke her American O-1 work visa. She has no idea why she was singled out for such treatment."

He added: "We are sure we have enough time to sort the situation before her next visit in September."

Nevertheless, Lily was seen shooting the video for her new movie in LA. The 22-year-old was spotted wearing a trademark green dress, although she was sporting big black boots rather than her usual trainers.

09/08/2007 16:19:22