Friends of Lily Allen are reportedly concerned the young singer could be going down a similar path trodden by fallen Pop Idol Britney Spears.

The claims come after the 22-year-old sacked the management team that catapulted her to fame with last year's number one hit Smile.

According to the Sunday Mirror, the singer's problems, which include dramatic weight loss, began when she split up with long-term boyfriend Seb Chew last month.

"Seb was a stabilising influence on Lily. Since they broke up, she's been living it up. She's lost weight because she has been putting partying before eating," a source told the tabloid.

"Her management were worried - then she axed them. She believes that she can make it alone.

"Record execs had big plans for Lily to crack the US, but she pulled out of one tour because she was homesick. Then she lost her visa because of her boasts about taking drugs."

The source added: "But she's living in cloud cuckoo land… now she's on her own."

14/10/2007 12:44:35