Lily Allen was caught out at her New York City gig on Wednesday night by none other than a crying fan.

The singer's Irving Plaza concert marked the end of a breakthrough American tour for the popstar who skyrocketed to fame in the UK last summer with hits like Smile and LDN.

But a sobbing fan, clearly overcome with emotion, bemused the Hammersmith-born performer.

However the 21-year-old singer is not exactly known for her subtle ways and initially mocked the emotional fan saying: "Are you really f**king crying? Are you serious?"

But Lily knows how to keep a crowd happy and so managed to turn The Tears into a light-hearted joke.

"You're crying because you're so happy to be here? This has never happened before! I want more crying fans! Everyone cry! You can be my best friend now, so long as you just follow me around and cry," she told the American crowd.

Lily will soon be heading back to her native London in the next few days where hopefully the girl will get some rest before the jam-packed festival season kicks in with Lily appearing at sell-out Glastonbury and the V festival.

13/04/2007 07:50:59