Chav princess Lily Allen has been spotted sporting what looks suspiciously like an engagement ring on the correct finger, after boyfriend SEB CHEW flew out to the States to comfort her recently.

The SMILE singer has been trying to conquer America amid floods of tears and complaints about being homesick, and her DJ boyfriend recently made the trip to New York to be with the young songstress.

Lily is proving to be a huge hit in the States, with the 21-year-old performing a sell-out gig in the Big Apple before meeting her boyfriend, and was snapped wearing a gold band on her left hand.

However, it is unlikely the youngster has got hitched on the sly, and by the lack of any rock-sized diamond on the ring, it's unlikely she has accepted any proposals yet, but enjoys keeping fans guessing with her chav-chic dress sense.

The middle-class girl-turned-London chav has gone down a treat in America, with her huge gold earrings and classy dresses mixed with a London accent seemingly pleasing the American perception of a typical Cockney girl.

13/04/2007 15:13:35