Lily Allen rounded off a chaotic week with a string of abuse towards music magazine NME at the South by Southwestern festival.

The pop singer was in Texas for the gig and played under the NME banner, showcasing hits such as Smile and LDN.

However, after a dramatic entrance clutching a bottle of beer and a cigarette on Wednesday night, Lily let loose on the music newspaper and her critics.

Shortly after her first song to a packed audience, she said the NME could "f*** off", going on to deride the magazine repeatedly, including a personal attack on one of their reporters for having "the smallest penis in the world".

Admitting she was "a little bit drunk as it's gone 11pm", Lily at least had love for the crowd, thanking them for their support.

Despite her relative lack of exposure in the US  her album only debuted there last month - the set was well-received.

However, her latest rant after being snapped attacking a photographer coming out of a nightclub earlier in the week suggests Lily is still happy to take on all-comers.

16/03/2007 10:00:40