Gobby chavster Lily Allen has been caught attacking paparazzi after a night in a London club, just days after alleging she would never be photographed "rolling out of a nightclub at five in the morning completely out of my head".

The 21-year-old SMILE singer, who plays up to her chav image despite having a privileged upbringing and attending private schools, apparently attacked a photographer with a kung-fu kick.

Photographs show the youngster leaving a club in London's Soho area on Monday night with boyfriend SEB CHEW, following her gig in Hammersmith. It seems she decided to kick one of the assembled photographers before punching another in the face, leaving him with a bloody nose.

Paparazzo Kevin Rush, 43, told the Sun: "Lily was under the influence. She went berserk and right-hooked me square on the nose.

"For a small girl she packs a hell of a punch."

Lily also stumbled into the trendy Groucho Club nearby and began berating other celebrities. According to the Mirror, she screamed: "I'm more famous than you c****!"

The outburst comes in stark contrast to a recent interview with a US magazine, when Lily said: "In my spare time, I like to stay at home with my boyfriend and watch TV.

"I've had my days of going out and getting trashed but I don't really, any more."

14/03/2007 14:22:05