Lily Allen has split from her boyfriend SEB CHEW and is searching for a new man.

The pint-sized LDN singer claims she broke up with the record company executive last month following a two-and-a-half-year relationship.

Speaking to the Sun at the GQ awards in London this week, the chavtastic singer said: "Seb and I aren't together any more. I split with him a month ago so I'm single now."

However, Lily explained that even though she has thousands of fans she is still shy when it comes to finding men.

"I always think that no one is ever going to fancy me," she said.

"Part of the reason I came out tonight is because I'm back on the market and I need to get in practice. I don't know if I can pull any more."

The songstress, who had to leave the bash early as she was too drunk, also pointed out that she had been working on her body in order to impress the men.

She told the paper: "I've been pumping some iron - have a feel how hard my belly is now. Can you tell?"

06/09/2007 10:57:40