Lily Allen was reportedly involved in a minor scuffle at this year's Notting Hill carnival after seemingly wanting to take centre stage at the event.

According to the Sun newspaper, the daughter of comedian Keith Allen was involved in an on-stage incident with one of her idols.

She clambered up on stage during a performance by reggae star Bobby Kray and tried to push him off and take the microphone, the paper reports.

But Kray, whose debut album Tales From A Skinny White Boy was released this month, was having none of it and poured her drink over her.

The LDN singer then fled the stage looking rather humiliated, according to one onlooker.

"Lily looked very drunk and was talking in a bad Jamaican accent. Then she just pushed him off," a carnival-goer told the Sun.

"He wasn’t happy. He grabbed the Guinness from her and threw it over her head. Everyone cheered and she ran off embarrassed."

Kray has previously spoken of his respect for Allen, who herself is known to be a fan of the former school bus driver, in a recent interview with The London Paper.

"I was bored trying to get into pop and R&B. It didn't stimulate me, but reggae does," he said.

"Notting Hill carnival has been on my doorstep my entire life and so reggae seemed like a natural avenue to take."

He added: "Lily Allen and Kele Okereke from Bloc Party are within this family that I'm a part of, where everyone's connected."

28/08/2007 10:01:52