Lily Allen initially wanted to open a fancy dress shop.

The 'Not Fair' singer - who is currently pregnant with her first child - recently opened a vintage clothing store with sister Sarah Owens but had a different idea when they first discussed their plans.

She said: "When I got pregnant I decided to wind down a bit, so Sarah and I thought it would be a good moment to open the shop we'd been thinking of doing for years. Originally it was going to be a fancy dress shop, but because of our passion for vintage clothing we thought this would work better."

Lily says she decided to open a high-quality vintage store after seeing so many girls in the same dress as her.

She revealed: "One of my 'light bulb' moments came when I went to a Christmas party and five people had the same high street dress on as I had. Plus the quality doesn't compare."

Sarah also spoke about her desire to open the shop, saying she wanted people to have somewhere different to go.

She told the Daily Telegraph website: "For years we were stuck in a bit of a fashion rut. Our mothers never got a chance to wear all these flamboyant outfits, but now that vintage has entered into mainstream fashion, people are trying to re-create different looks which aren't just about merging with every other girl on the high street."