British singer Lily Allen has launched an astonishing drunken rant during a concert in San Diego, California, calling George W Bush an "a**ehole" and claiming she is "probably bisexual". The 21-year-old turned angry after guzzling beer and cider onstage during her performance at the city's House of Blues last week (30MAR07). She said, "George Bush is an a**ehole and a c**t" before also directing her vitriol at Tony Blair. Allen then claimed she was bisexual because she was sick of men with "tiny d**s", reports British newspaper The Sun. A concert-goer tells the newspaper, "Lily got really drunk on stage. "She then started calling Bush names and the audience went a bit quiet. She also said that San Diego has the best crack whores she has ever seen and that she was thinking of becoming a lesbian." The singer has hinted she is considering quitting her US tour - an attempt to crack the lucrative Stateside market - because she's bored. She writes on her MySpace page, "Is it really important to break America? I'm bored."