Lily Allen has been busy laying down tracks for her new album in recording sessions taking place in New York.

The cheeky popstar noted that her new song Steve From Accounts was "amazing" and that she had been working on a "few others".

In a slightly tongue-in-cheek blog post on her MySpace page the singer said that as well as Steve From Accounts she had more tracks that "might make it onto the next album titled Three Singles and Other Songs, Plus iTunes Exclusive".

She added: "I played my new material to Mayor Bloomberg, he thought it was so amazing he named a street after me and bought me a slurpee to celebrate."

The star is now set to record in New York for a few more days before flying to LA for "some business that needs attending to" and more festival appearances.

Allen began her blog post by praising this year's Glastonbury Festival, declaring it the "singularly most bestest [sic] moment of my entire life and made me realise what this is all about".

The singer is expected to follow up her debut album Alright Still with a new LP sometime next year.

Her debut album included the singles Smile, LDN and Alfie.

03/08/2007 15:37:37