Singer Lily Allen deliberately planned a controversial comeback, and she was not surprised when her racy new promo racked up 2.5 million hits on in just two days.

The Smile hitmaker has been on hiatus since 2010 when she put her pop career on hold to concentrate on raising a family, but she has returned to the spotlight with new single Hard Out Here.

The song's release is accompanied by a saucy video in which she apparently mocks her pop peers Rihanna and Miley Cyrus for their explicit onstage antics and performs Cyrus' signature 'twerking' dance moves.

Now Allen has revealed she purposefully aimed to cause a scandal with her comeback as she knew it would generate more interest in her career relaunch.

She tells NME magazine, "It doesn't surprise me. I've been away for four years and people have been anticipating what I was going to come back with. I wanted to make a video that made people talk - so it's done the trick."

When asked if she was unhappy some critics missed the satirical element of her promo, Allen replies, "I'm sad that some people have got the wrong end of the stick, but that's how it is. All you can do is put something out there, and the way people interpret it is the way people interpret it. I'm just happy people are talking about it."