Lily Allen is "hot and cold" with her tour support.

The 'Smile' hitmaker was joined on the road in 2009 by Example - whose real name is Elliot Gleave - and the 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' singer was bemused by her unpredictable treatment of him.

Example said: "I like Lily and I love her songs but she's hot and cold with me. We toured together and one minute she was my best mate, then the next we'd be standing in the catering queue and she'd pretend she didn't know me."

Example was particularly infuriated by his treatment because of Lily's contrasting behaviour to his chart rival Professor Green.

He added to more! magazine "I'm sure Professor Green is going to her wedding. They're quite matey.

"She bought him a f***ing Rolex! All I got was a bacon sandwich. I got a bacon sandwich on my last day of touring with Lily. That's going in my autobiography."