Songstress Lily Allen is reportedly working on a new sitcom with the cast of GAVIN AND STACEY.

According to the Sun, the SMILE singer has been penning comedy sketches with JAMES CORDEN and MATTHEW HORNE, who star in the hit BBC3 show.

Speaking to the publication, a source said: "James loves her ideas and shares her sense of humour. He reckons the humour from Lily's first album ALRIGHT, STILL will come across on the small screen.

"If they can recreate the hilarity they have together at the pub it should be interesting to hear how their stuff turns out."

The new show is currently titled HORNE AND CORDEN HAVE COME.

Lily also presents a chat show for BBC3 called LILY ALLEN AND FRIENDS.

She is currently working on her second album, two songs from which have been debuted on her MySpace page.

"They are just at a demo stage so don't be too hard on them," she says of I DON'T KNOW and I COULD SAY.

06/05/2008 13:29:26