Lily Allen will ''open up'' about her marriage breakdown for the first time on her new album.

The 'Not Fair' singer has never spoken about her split from Sam Cooper - with whom she has two daughters, Ethel, five and four-year-old Marnie - in 2015 but insiders claim a recently-leaked track, 'Family Man', is just a taste of things to come from the deeply personal record.

A source said: ''Lily has never pulled any punches with her music and has always used her songwriting to tackle knotty subjects.

''She isn't prone to discussing the intricacies of her personal life unless it's through her art but fans will finally hear her opening up about what has undoubtedly been one of the most significant episodes of her life.''

Though the 31-year-old singer - who hasn't released an album since 'Sheezus' in 2013 - has written and recorded a lot of new tracks, she doesn't want to bring anything out until her whole record is complete.

Another source added to Grazia magazine: ''She's written loads of amazing tracks which collaborators have been urging her to put out, but she wants to wait until the whole package is ready.''

The song 'Family Man' features the lyrics: ''It's not always easy, being a family man. Baby, don't leave me, I'm just doing what I can to get by.''

And Lily also accepts her own share of responsibility for their break-up.

She said: ''I know that you love me, though I'm young and stupid. I am wild and ruthless, you're better off without me.

''I am more than selfish, I am tired, I'm helpless. If I had the time of day, I might give all my days to you.''

But she also hinted at a reconciliation with her ex in the new track.

Lily said: ''I know we're gonna pull through, but darling I need my time away from you.''