British pop star Lily Allen was left red-faced after she and her friends were kicked out of a pub for bad behaviour. The outspoken daughter of comedian Keith Allen upset staff and clientele at the Hare And Hounds pub on the Isle of Wight, off the South coast of England, when she and her friends started spitting mouthfuls of beer at one another. And the singer, who performed at the Bestival festival on Saturday (09SEP06) was asked to leave after her behaviour got out of hand. A witness says, "They began acting like a bunch of kids, spitting and spraying their drinks at each other. "Booze was going everywhere - it was a real mess. They'd been asked a few times to cut it out but took no notice so, in the end, they were told to leave. "None of us realised it was Lily Allen - we just thought she was some kid playing up."