Lily Allen was surprised she wanted to make music again so quickly after retiring.

The 28-year-old singer quit the industry four years ago to start a family and now has two children, Ethel, two, and 12-month-old Marnie, with husband Sam Cooper.

However, her creative passion could not be quelled and she returned in late 2013 with new single 'Hard Out Here' and admits she was shocked by her need to write songs.

She told Q magazine: ''I wasn't surprised to come back again, but I was surprised to want to so soon.

''It's been quite a shock ... a lot has changed in four years.''

Lily is currently finishing her new album which is out in May and said the controversy surrounding her video for 'Hard Out Here' was ''surprising'' after it was branded racist and sexist by some commentators because of its content showing female dancers dressed provocatively and twerking.

Lily felt the need to defend herself but often wishes she had stayed silent on the issue.

She said: ''Because that saying, 'Never complain, never explain', is right to a degree ... but when you're offending people maybe it is a good idea to tackle it straight on.

''Oh, I don't know! Ultimately, I make pop music. I try and shove as much into three-and-a-half minutes as I can. I can't get it all right ... you can only try.''