British pop star Lily Allen suffered a crippling bout of insomnia before she unveiled her comeback track to fans.

The Smile hitmaker returned to the spotlight this week (beg11Nov13) after spending four years concentrating on motherhood, releasing a racy video for her new single Hard Out Here.

The promo has caused a huge stir, with fans flocking to see the singer seemingly poking fun at her pop peers Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, and Allen admits she suffered weeks of sleepless nights over fears her sarcastic new song and satirical video would prompt a backlash.

She says, "It's (was) an exciting 24 hours, that's for sure. I'm a bit of a catastrophiser (sic). I haven't really slept much in the last couple of weeks, thinking about the negative feedback I was going to get."

The star continued her comeback campaign by performing her new song in a pod on the iconic London Eye attraction on Thursday (14Nov13) alongside her producer pal Mark Ronson for the Red Bull Revolutions In Sound gigs.