Lily Allen is following Snoop Dogg, who has just changed his name to Snoop Lion after an apparently life-changing trip to Jamaica, in having her own performance moniker switched ahead of the release of her third album. The Guardian reports that Allen will be releasing the new LP under her husband's surname and so will be going as Lily Rose Cooper from now on. It's a further statement of commitment by the singer to her husband Sam Cooper; they got married a year ago and had a baby daughter last November, with another child on the way too. It's fair to say things are going well then.
That Lily is releasing a third album is to be deemed as a surprise by some; it was just two years ago, remember, when she claimed that she was walking away from working as a recording artist. In the interim she's launched a fashion line, a clothing rental shop and also set up a record label. However, the itch of performing evidently never left Lily, and in June she tweeted "You will be pleased to know that i am currently in the f*****g studio with @GregKurstin. No big deal really, im just throwing s**t at the wall and seeing if anything sticks."
Lily has now also booked further studio time, saying "It's great to work at my own pace, with no commitments other than to make music." When it does come out, it'll be the star's first album since 2009's UK chart topping effort 'It's Not Me, It's You'.