Lily Allen is getting relationship advice from her estranged husband.

The 'Not Fair' singer has been dating rapper Meridan Dan since splitting from Sam Cooper - the father of her kids Ethel, four, and Marnie, three - late last year but after a string of explosive rows, she's reportedly been leaning on the building firm boss for ''emotional support''.

A source said: ''Lily and Dan have lots of fun together but then they get into arguments. She feels conflicted because she wants to enjoy herself but then she knows she's still a mum, so she can't always be letting loose.

''She's been turning to Sam for comfort and emotional support. Lily likes the fact that, despite everything, Sam doesn't judge her and he understands her better than anyone.''

The 31-year-old singer's friends are now concerned she made the wrong decision in deciding to divorce Sam.

The source added to heat magazine: ''Some of them are under the impression that Lily may think she's made a mistake turning her back on her marriage.

''But, while Sam is there for her through thick and thin, their divorce is still going through.

''Lily is trying to salvage things with Dan, but she also seems to be having second thoughts about a future with him.

''She wishes she could have the best of both worlds - a happy home life with a husband and kids but at the same time be able to escape and have fun with her celebrity friends.''