Plans to include a score by Lily Allen in the new 'Bridget Jones' musical have been scrapped.

The 29-year-old singer recently previewed one of the tracks from the soundtrack - 'Yummy', a love song dedicated to a fridge - but writer Helen Fielding is now re-writing the stage production and no longer requires the 'Not Fair' hitmaker's services.

Lily told The Sun newspaper: ''I wrote some great music for it but Helen Fielding wants to go back and write a whole new story.

''It's been a long-term project and I was happy to do my bit but I'm now out of the picture.''

The news comes as another blow for Lily, whose return to the pop scene has been beset by problems.

Her 'Sheezus' album debuted at number one in the UK charts, but quickly plummeted thereafter. Meanwhile, her most-recent single releases both failed to make the UK top 40.

Despite this, Lily is refusing to get too downbeat and says that she continues to attract exciting opportunities.

She explained: ''I've had two companies come to me and say, 'Have you got ideas?'

''They want me to find a movie that I think I could adapt well and I do have some ideas that I think would work. So my work may make it to the West End yet.''