Lily Allen's daughters are ''already too worried'' about their appearance.

The 33-year-old singer has six-year-old Ethel and five-year-old Marnie with her ex-husband Sam Cooper, and has said she's ''terrified'' of bringing them up in the social media world, because they already have body hang ups.

She said: ''My daughters are already too worried about the way they look, their clothes. It's only a matter of... hours before they're asking for Wonderbras for their Instagram accounts. That s**t terrifies me.''

However, the 'Trigger Bang' hitmaker doesn't think she'd be too horrified if she ever found one of her daughters taking dieting pills, because she thinks it depends on the situation at the time.

When asked how she'd feel about the hypothetical situation, she said: ''Depends on the diet pills. I'd be like, 'Do these work, hon? Pick Mummy some up on the way home from school?' Oh, I dunno - f**k knows. I haven't got a stock answer. It depends which one of them and what mood they're in, who their friends are and what they're reading. I don't think one size fits all.''

And despite not being a fan of having her daughters grow up with the pressure of social media, she has respect for people like the Kardashian family, because they've ''taken ownership of their bodies''.

She added: ''Although I kind of rate the Kardashians in a way, because they're the first example of women who have taken ownership of their bodies and profited from it. That's the real reason so many men hate them.''

For now, the 'Not Fair' singer isn't too worried, as her young daughters are more interested in reading than anything else.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, Lily said: ''They absolutely adore reading. Ethel's pretty good, but Marnie just looks at the pictures and makes up the words. It's very sweet. She'll probably be quite a good songwriter. We'll go to the park and then they're like, 'Can we go to the library?' I say, 'Yeah, sure!' They just want to immerse themselves in books and sit on the beanbags.''