Lily Allen's new video is facing a ban from MTV after her team refused to allow the controversial promo to be edited for the music channel.

On Monday (10Mar14), the Smile singer unveiled the promo clip for her new single Our Time in which she plays multiple versions of herself. She is shown getting drunk, fighting, and vomiting in her handbag.

Mtv executives are said to have asked the pop star to supply them with a cleaned up version of the video, and have allegedly warned they will drop the clip if she refuses.

In a post on her page, Allen shared a picture of a message she received from an unknown sender regarding the video and captioned the post "Age of beige".

The message reads, "Mtv want to band (sic) the Our Time video during the daytime, unless they get a clean edit that show (sic) you a) not drinking from a flask and b) not displaying antisocial behaviour from drinking by fighting... I told the label we are not making a clean version of the video. Bring on the controversy!"