Lily Allen has admitted she was a ''drunk mess'' during a ''disastrous'' summer in 2013 where she lost her ''dignity''.

The 32-year-old singer has revealed she struggled to cope during the festival season four years ago - just months after her daughter Marnie, whom she has with her ex-husband Sam Cooper, was born - after she found herself slipping into depression and drinking copiously.

Lily - who recently made a return to the music scene with new track 'Trigger Bang' - claimed she lost her ''artistic voice, along with my post-natal sobriety and later, dignity'' after she was left bemused as to why the festival crowds weren't loving her newly penned tracks, which had yet to be given any plays on the radio.

Speaking to i-D magazine, Lily said: ''That summer was a disaster from what I remember, I was stubbornly sticking to playing songs from the new album I'd been working on.

''Despite the fact that none of these songs were being played on the radio, my ego was sure everyone would appreciate my artistic dedication to it, it was brilliant if not misunderstood, or perhaps just very badly presented and communicated. In short, I was a drunk mess.''

The 'Smile' singer's confession comes after she revealed in 2014 that Sam - with whom she also has six-year-old daughter Ethel, and with whom she split in 2016 - had been instrumental in helping her cut back on her alcohol consumption.

She said: ''I was self-medicating with alcohol and whatever else and Sam was obviously attracted to me when I was like that.

''He could see that I was being quite self-destructive and at one point he said, 'What are you doing? I would really like to be with you, but I can't be with you if you are going to be like this all the time.'

''I remember thinking, 'OK, well you promised to take me on and stick around, then yeah, I'll cut back'.

''I believe you're avoiding something when you're drinking or taking drugs or whatever. You are basically just avoiding the truth. And so Sam introduced me to myself. The real me.''