Lily Allen is set to move in with her new boyfriend.

The 24-year-old singer is keen to take her romance with builder Sam Cooper to the next level, and has already started looking around London properties with him.

A source said: "They have made enquiries about several terraced properties in Primrose Hill in London and it's thought that as well as acting in 2010, one of the investment areas Lily's looking at moving into is property."

Lily - who began dating Sam earlier this year - is keen to buy a place which is in need of renovation so Sam can show off his DIY skills.

The source added to Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "Sam's brilliant at planning and design so it makes sense for him to advise on any business ventures. They're so into each other, it's very sweet."

Lily recently revealed she can't wait to settle down and start a family, and believes having children will be her biggest accomplishment.

She said: "People think I'm this super-confident person who's all for female empowerment but it's not true.

"I have every intention of becoming a suburban mum. I want to get married and have children.

"Being followed by the paparazzi is not a life I want.