Lily Allen thinks her best achievement will be raising children.

The 'Not Fair' singer - who suffered a miscarriage in 2008 - is desperate to become a mother and knows she'll provide her kids with all the love and care they need.

She said: "I'll be proud once I've had kids and they've grown up all right.

"I want to do it now. I don't feel like I'm very good at anything in life and I think that's one thing I probably will be quite good at, being a mum. I think I'll love my kids and I think I'll do it really well."

Although she is keen to have children, the 24-year-old star doesn't think she needs to be in a relationship to do so and admits she finds it hard finding suitors.

Lily - who is currently dating painter and decorator Sam Cooper - said: "I don't necessarily need a man. It would have to be the right person. It's difficult for me to find someone.

"I want to be looked after and I also want to be with someone who is not intimidated by me and what I do. That's quite difficult to find. That person would have to be quite successful and powerful. I'd like him to be proud of me but not impressed."