Lily Allen doesn't plan to return to music for five years.

The 'Not Fair' singer is getting ready to take a planned hiatus and insists it will be a long time before she releases another album.

Lily - who won the Giving It Back Fan prize at the NME Awards last night (25.02.10) - said: "I'm not making another album for a bit. Maybe in five years."

The 24-year-old pop star has decided to step away from the music business because she doesn't want to go on tour because she is considering starting a family.

Speaking to UK TV show 'Live From Studio Five', she said: "It's a really big commitment to do an album these days. People don't buy music anymore, they download it and want their content for free - the thing that makes you your money is touring and I don't really want to tie myself down to being on the road for three years. I've got a boyfriend and I've got a house and I'd quite like to have children soon. So it doesn't really work into those plans.

"It's not retiring. I'm just doing a different job for a bit. I'm having a career change. I just want to stay in London for a while. It's not a particularly healthy lifestyle being on the road."

Lily - who is dating builder Sam Cooper - has also revealed she intends to start her own charity as well as the record company and fashion label she has planned.

She told website "I'm setting up a record label and a music charity and website and I'm also doing a vintage clothes shop with my sister, it's amazing stuff that would be really expensive but we're renting it out for a fraction of the price, so girls can come and get dressed up for a night out and have a laugh!"

Lily announced at the end of last year she was taking a break from the music business.

She said at the time: "I'm just going to concentrate on doing some behind the scenes sort of stuff. My last concert is in March. That's the last thing I've got planned."