British singer Lily Allen is overcoming her "rocky start" to the year (08) by partying and spending big on luxurious items. The Smile star's year began badly after suffering a miscarriage, and she subsequently split from Chemical Brothers star Ed Simons. But the singer is trying to put her problems behind her and has been spotted at a string of celebrity events. The 22-year-old says on her MySpace blog, "I went to a fashion show this morning and saw some old friends, which was nice. "I have been venturing out the last week or so, trying to get back to normality after what has been a rocky start to the year. "I went to a pre-BAFTA party on Saturday. I plan to go to a few things this week, it's fashion week here in London, so there's a lot going on, and hopefully it will be a fun week." Allen has also been making some expensive purchases in a bid to make herself feel better. She adds, "I have been miserable lately so I bought myself a new car. It may arrive by the end of the week so something to look forward to. Life is funny isn't it? To think that a MACBook or a car is going to be the thing to make you feel better. Something will, soon I hope."