More than two million people have logged on to play an online flash game promoting Lily Allen's new album.

Allen's accomplished second album It's Not Me, It's You reached the number one spot in the UK chart and number five on the Billboard Hot 200 in the US. Now the flash game promoting the album has passed its own milestone.

Launched two months ago, Escape the Fear, has been played by over two million unique users. Allen's publisher EMI/Parlophone described the game as "the promo video of the digital age, and delivers engagement, interaction, loyalty and sales opportunities on a new level for our artists."

Jeff Coghlan, managing director of the game, added: "Consumers are sick of online advertising because it doesn't have any intrinsic value. When it's done properly, branded entertainment like Escape the Fear has very high value and gives consumers an opportunity to interact with the brand as well.

"When consumers endorse the material by passing it on, the positive influence of the brand is nine times more powerful than an advert.

"When you take the costs into account as well, it's no wonder major brands like Parlophone are using these more sophisticated promotional techniques."

19/02/2009 15:37:52