Lily Allen is going to make the greatest ever Halloween lantern this year.

The 'Smile' singer is getting prepared for the annual spooky holiday next Wednesday (31.10.12) and wants to create a very impressive Jack-o'-lantern - traditionally a hollowed out pumpkin with a scary face carved into it and a candle in the centre - for her family home for when the trick or treaters come.

Pregnant Lily - who has an 11-month-old daughter Ethel Mary with her husband Sam Cooper - is on the hunt for some special pumpkin carving tools so she can get her design perfect.

She wrote on her twitter page: ''Where can one purchase proper pumpkin carving tools in the London area. I am stepping up my game this year.''

Lily's loyal followers were quick to message her back with various carving tips, but no definite information on specialist utensils.

Twitter follower Charlie Brown ‏(@charlzton) wrote: ''@lilyrosecooper All you need is a knife and some skills. (sic)''

Novellist Brendan Halpin ‏(@bhalpin) tweeted: ''@lilyrosecooper You need power tools to really do it right. A jigsaw works wonders. (sic)''