Lily Allen, who is no stranger to online comment controversy, has landed herself in it again by calling a fan 'fat' during an argument on Twitter, and suggesting that the fan should try and lose weight. Lily Allen, who revealed she was pregnant at her recent wedding and has been settling down to married life, was responding to someone calling themselves Olivia27x, according to It was Olivia who got the ball rolling, with: "Your face makes me sick, you disgusting b***h." and Allen retorted with: "Then you should look at pictures of me all day, cause you look like you could lose a few."
The Daily Mirror reported that Allen's comments backfired, as her inbox was flooded with messages saying that she shouldn't have made reference to the fan's weight. The fan, whose real name is Olivia Davies, immediately apologised and claimed that her friend had made the comment using her account, and that she was a big fan of Lily Allen. She also claimed to be terribly upset by Allen's comments, tweeting: "I now know I am fat and I'll go anorexic." Allen is no stranger to eating disorders, having suffered from Bulimia two years ago, but she has come out fighting, tweeting: ""She was rude, and anyone who can't see that I was joking, well that's their problem.I also have a right to respond to insults. Get off your high horse." Allen also recently provoked the wrath of her Twitter fans when she claimed she 'quite liked' Cher Lloyds new single 'Swagger Jagger'.