Lily Allen finds Kanye West ''fascinating''.

The 40-year-old rapper has been causing a stir in recent weeks with his controversial comments on social media - particularly those involving his support for divisive US president Donald Trump - but whilst many celebrities have taken it upon themselves to unfollow the star on Twitter, fellow musician Lily Allen has said he's simply trying to find ''meaning'' in the topics he discusses.

When asked what she thinks about his Twitter, she said: ''It reminds me of when he used to wax lyrical about Louis Vuitton bags. He's trying to find meaning in this stuff. I find him fascinating. He exists in another dimension.

''Who knows what his goal is. He's a people person. He's married into a family that have the biggest social-media spread. He's fascinated by what that means. Maybe this Donald Trump stuff is an experiment. Who knows? Who f***ing knows what's going on in his head.''

Lily, 33, is also fairly vocal on Twitter, and has slammed the idea that Kanye's tweets are a ''cry for help'', because she believes everyone who uses social media is doing it for the ''attention''.

Asked if she's ever used Twitter as a cry for help, the 'Not Fair' singer said: ''No. People always say I do things for attention. I'm a pop star. I like attention. It's what we're all doing, isn't it? That's what Instagram is. Everyone is attention-seeking all the time. But it's okay to attention seek if you're doing it about your body. It's not okay to attention seek if you want to talk about the state of the world.''

And the singer insists her presence on social media comes as a result of her need to ''converse'' with people and ''have a laugh''.

When asked about her social media habits by Vulture, she said: ''It goes back to people's idea of success. Most people have a goal to be really famous and play massive venues. In order to do that you have to please everybody. My goal has always been to have a laugh and not compromise my sense of self. Social media is there for people to converse. I'm not in it for fake engagement. I'm not in it for that game. I'm a disruptor.''