Lily Allen can no longer walk in high heels.

The 'Smile' singer - who has previously been a Muse of Karl Lagerfeld's - admits she has struggled to get back into vertiginous shoes since becoming a mother to Ethel Mary in November 2011 and becoming pregnant for the second time.

She wrote on twitter: ''Half of my brain doesn't work and I can't walk in heels anymore.#havingbabies (sic)''

However, the problem could have been caused by a strange bite she received on her foot earlier this week.

She said: ''I have been bitten on the underside of my foot. V annoying indeed. It's not a mosquito bite, looks like a row of pinpricks. (sic)''

Lily is currently on a hiatus from the public eye, although has recently been in Los Angeles to record a follow-up to her album 'It's Not Me, It's You'.

In addition to her music career, Lily also launched a London vintage shop Lucy in Disguise with her sister.