Lily Allen feels ''lucky'' to have so many clothes.

The 'Sheezus' singer - who recently collaborated with beauty accessories company Elegant Touch to create her new collection of fun and bright fake nail sets - feels blessed to be able to match her nail colour to all her clothes and accessories.

When asked if her nail polish often reflects her mood, she told Now magazine: ''I'd say the way I dress is more of a mood thing. I'm quite into being matchy matchy - so I'm more likely to match my nail colours to my outfit than my mood.

''Then again, I'm really lucky - I have so many clothes, shoes and accessories that I can actually match everything to anything.''

The Brit Award-winner also offered tips to help her fans perfect her iconic black eyeliner look and added that she used to suffer from 'The Rage' when she obsessed over the evenness of the heavy black lines on her upper lids.

She explained: ''It takes practice. I used to get The Rage, but it helps if you approach it calmly. I tilt my head backwards and apply white eyeliner along the inside of my eye, then flick it up along the lower lashes. That way I have a subtle line to glide the black on.

''Just hug the colour as close as you can to your lashes, following the white line up.

''Oh, and remember your eyes are sisters, not twins... They will never look the same, so let it go!''

The 'Lily Loves Nails' collection is available from the high street drug store, Superdrug and features an array of prints, including a glittery rainbow manicure, a sophisticated half-moon pattern and a bright London skyline design.