Lily Allen is ditching her Apple iPhone - because she doesn't want to use social media anymore.

The 34-year-old pop star wants to get rid of platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter and even her emails from her everyday life because she spends too much time scrolling on her smartphone device.

In a video shared to her Instagram Story during her vacation, she said: ''Guys I've got some sad news. Well it's good for me ... My sad news is that I'm on holiday and I have decided that when I get home, I am getting a burner and throwing away my iPhone ... Anyway I'm done with this dead a**e app and Twitter and email and WhatsApp. All of it can go and suck its mum's... I just wanted to let you know that.''

The 'Smile' hitmaker then joked she would miss ''all the misogynistic abuse'', inappropriate messages, ''propaganda'' and keeping up to date with celebrity rivalries when she leaves the online world.

She added: ''I'm going to miss it so much. But what I'm going to do is read some books and gain some knowledge. More knowledge because I have some ... I'm going to miss everything. But not that much because if I was going to miss it that much then I wouldn't give it up. But I do think, that s**t has got pretty real recently. I don't think sitting, staring at my phone for four hours a day, lie, seven hours a day is doing the world any good.''

Lily - who has two daughters, Ethel, seven, and six-year-old Marnie, with her ex-husband Sam Cooper - wants to harness her energy on ''creating things'' rather than seeking ''validation'' on social media.

She said: ''I care about the world and I care about creating things and I don't really care about the validation that comes back any more.

''There was a time when I did but I think I'm too old for that now.''