Lily Allen hates her stretch marks.

The 'Not Fair' singer has been suffering from the unsightly skin blemishes since she was pregnant with her daughter Ethel Mary - who was born in November - and she has been covering herself in a special oil to try and get rid of them.

She wrote on her twitter page: ''Stretch marks are gross, but going to bed all greased up is not cosy. #torn (sic)''

While her pregnancy may have given her stretch marks, Lily recently revealed it also gave her a brief but amazing talent - being able to shoot milk ''10ft'' from her breasts.

British journalist-and-broadcaster Caitlin Moran asked Lily - who had been nursing little Ethel - on twitter: ''What's your milk-pressure like? Can you use your ti*s like guns? I used to be able to hit things ten feet away.''

To which the pop star - who married husband Sam Cooper last year - replied: ''@caitlinmoran are you talking about my let down reflex? if so, pretty good, yes 10 ft sounds about right. (sic)''