Lily Allen has jokingly claimed she grew a beard while touring America.

The 33-year-old singer revealed that during her 'No Shame' tour she ''gained about two stone'' in weight and quipped that she even grew some unexpected facial hair due to ''all the hormones'' in the food she ate.

Speaking on 'This Morning', the British singer explained: ''I just got back from America and I just eat that's basically what I do, just sit on my phone and look for the best places.

''I think I put on about two stone in America and I've grown a beard from all the hormones from the chicken wings that I've eaten.''

Although Lily confesses to making the most of the grub the US had to offer, she joked that her new facial hair could have been blamed on steroids she had to take because of an illness.

She said: ''No, I actually got ill and I was supposed to take steroids so it was either steroid related or chicken related - I haven't figured it out yet.''

Meanwhile, the 'Smile' hitmaker - who has kids Marnie, five, and Ethel, six, with her ex-husband Sam Cooper - has previously admitted she thinks happiness is taking ''your first E at Glastonbury''.

She previously said: ''Look, happiness for me is your first E at Glastonbury - that's the happy place.

''I don't think I've ever had that base level of happiness. What I see as being happy is that fake level of happiness because that's what I've had from the spike in endorphins or whatever.

''But I'm in a happy relationship, my kids are thriving and I'm creating great music. I couldn't really ask for much more. So, yeah, I'm in a good place.''