Lily Allen says high profile events help give you a presence in the fashion industry.

The 'Hard Out Here' singer - who make recently made her music comeback with her third studio album 'Sheezus' - admits there isn't much money left in selling records and believes events give you the chance to be spotted by brands who are scouting celebrities to front their campaign.

Talking on British chat show 'Loose Women', she said: ''Anything can be consumed on the internet so you're constantly trying to think of other streams to make money out of because you're not going to get it from record sales.

''Things like going to the Met Ball are important because they give you a presence in the fashion and beauty arena and hopefully some beauty brand might think 'Oh she looks quite pretty'. ''

Although Lily - who is married to Sam Cooper - is thrilled to be invited to high-profile events like the Met Ball she insists they aren't ''fun'' and she would rather spend time with her friends.

She added: ''It's really lovely to be invited to those things. It's not a night out with your friends, it's not fun, everyone is like lets pose for the camera and is a little bit stiff.''