Lily Allen can't get any birthday messages as she has broken her phone.

The 'Smile' singer - who is reportedly working on her comeback - turns 28 today (02.05.13) but isn't able to receive well wishes from her many friends, after she got her mobile wet and it stopped working.

She revealed on Twitter: ''If you are reading this and are thinking about sending me a birthday text, I dropped my phone in the bath so won't be able to read it.''

However, Lily - who is mother to 17-month-old Ethel and three-month-old Marnie-Rose with husband Sam Cooper - has received some gifts, including an pair of pair of jugs, one decorated with a tiger, the other with a pair of birds.

She posted a picture of her posing with the jugs - an English slang word for breasts - alongside the cheeky caption: ''Me and my birthday jugs.''

While her friends not be able to text her, many fans have rushed to wish Lily well on her birthday on twitter.

Twitter user Dr Juicy John wrote: ''happy birthday :-). Your second album has helped me through many a bad day! (sic)''

Rafa tweeted: ''Happy Biiiiiiiirthay Liiiiily!! I'm a huge fan from Brazil! Love u so much! God bless u! (sic)''

Meanwhile, Twitter user Gaia gave Lily some practical advice to get her phone back online.

She wrote: ''Hoover the phone. Trust me, Hoover it for 15 mins and you will find it works. You're welcome.''