Lily Allen has hit out at Wireless Festival bosses for only featuring three female musicians on the line-up.

The 'Not Fair' hitmaker retweeted an edited image of the festival's poster with all the male artists set to perform removed, leaving only the names of Mabel, Cardi B and Lisa Mercedez.

She captioned the post: ''The struggle is real.''

Lily added: ''That wireless have booked 3 women over 3 days of festival.

''And people wonder why women in Music aren't coming forward with their #metoo experiences. Money is power. (sic)''

A few hours later, she wrote: ''It does state that more acts are to be announced, so hopefully more female acts will be added.''

The 32-year-old singer then faced a backlash on social media in response to her comments.

Twitter user @Michael12SAH replied: ''Oh Lily, give it a break there's no struggle, it just so happens men seem to be making better music than women or more were available. You certainly wouldn't be saying the same if it was vice versa! (sic)''

Lily responded: ''I totally would if it was vice versa.''

The 'Smile' singer later wrote: ''I am a 32 year old white woman, if you want to see why women in music don't talk about the blatant misogyny that exists within our industry, please come and take a look at the some of the comments I'm getting today for pointing that out. This has to stop. #timesup

''Perhaps some of the men in our industry could take the baton for a bit, people only seem to listen to them. (sic)''

Naughty Boy tweeted his support of Lily's comment and she thanked him in return.

The three-day music festival - to be held at London's Finsbury Park between July 6-8 - will be headlined by J.Cole, Stormzy and DJ Khaled.