Lily Allen has been blasted for "getting her nipples out and being political".

The Reverend and The Makers frontman Jon McClure - nicknamed The Rev - hit out at the singer for her stance against file sharing, insisting she should campaign for bigger issues.

He told BANG Showbiz: "We've got war in Iraq, Afghanistan, bankers are taking the p**s, plus we're melting the ice caps. There's a lot to be angry about.

"What upsets me is last week Lily Allen came out and said, 'We've got to campaign against file sharing. We're going to tell politicians to shut down kids' internets.' What a crying shame it is that all you can get angry or upset about is kids taking your music.

"The thing with Lily is, I think when you get your nipples out in a magazine and you're trying to make serious political comment with the government, you're putting yourself in a silly position."

The rocker urged the 24-year-old 'Smile' singer to reevaluate her priorities and put her public profile to better use.

He added: "I stole Lily Allen's album and there's nothing she can do about it. People think I'm a communist because I've got these views, but I'm not. I'm not saying people can't earn a living, but let's be fair. You've got millions of pounds, there's things happening that are far more important than that."

Jon played the Jack Daniel's birthday JD Set show in London on Thursday night (08.10.09) with Carl Barat, Brett Anderson and the Silver Cornet band.