The singer, who has always been vocal with her criticism for the British government, blamed the U.K. when recently speaking to a 13-year-old Afghan boy at a refugee camp in Calais, France.

After the teen explained how he ended up in the camp, dubbed The Jungle, after fleeing the Taliban, Lily told him: “I apologise on behalf of my country for what we've put you through”.

The offhand comment caused an instant backlash, with many individuals, including politicians, slamming her sentiment.

“No I’m not surprised at all, on fact I expected it,” Lily told LBC radio host James O’Brien. “What they seem to have picked up on is that I apologised on behalf of the nation, but you know it was an emotional moment that I was affected by.

"Perhaps I could have chosen my words better and said, ‘I apologise for the part the country I come from has played in the situation you're currently experiencing.’ But that was what I said.”

When James suggested people may not agree with her left wing views because of her A-list lifestyle and expensive house, the 31-year-old, who has allegedly split with husband Sam Cooper, laughed it off.

“Well my expensive house, I don’t actually live there anymore. I can’t really defend that I’ve earnt some money and have spent it on accommodation,” she spluttered. “I’m sorry about that.”

Lily also stated the criticism won’t put her off speaking up in the future. She added that she understands why the British people are outraged at the moment, and blamed the Conservative government’s spending cuts and austerity measures.

“I don't berate those people for having this kind of opinion; they're being fed a lie by the media, and they are reacting in what they see an appropriate fashion. I do find issue with it but I don’t blame anyone,” she sighed.