KEITH ALLEN has admitted almost hospitalising JANET-STREET PORTER in a heated moment of passion, according to reports.

The actor and comedian made the admission during a reading from his forthcoming autobiography, claiming his fling with the I'm A Celebrity star left her injured due to his "legendary sex technique", claims the Mirror.

Keith added: "I wish I had the skill to describe in detail the first time I made love to Janet Street-Porter.

"Once on a snooker table and once in her bed in her home in Clerkenwell. The earth moved for me - and for Janet too."

But Keith's comments will not make pleasant reading for his daughter Lily Allen, who is currently moping her way to her last gigs in America after cancelling 20 dates of the tour due to homesickness.

The 21-year-old pop singer has always tried to distance herself from her father's antics and claims that she has "only made it because Keith is famous", admitted one source close to Lily.

20/04/2007 15:54:34