Lily Allen doesn't take herself too "seriously" as a designer.

The singer - who has taken a hiatus from her music career to focus on London clothing shop Lucy in Disguise as well as her own dress collection - says she has fun when making clothes and decided to create a fashion range because she saw there was a market for it.

Lily - who works alongside sister Sarah Owen - said: "I have been working in music for six years and I have come across a lot of designers along the way and people do take themselves seriously. I didn't buy into that. We thought there was a gap in the market for femininity, some lovely girly dresses."

Lily previously said she created her vintage-inspired fashion collection because it is something she has always been "into".

She said: "After we'd launched the shop, I think we both felt that we wanted to create vintage styles with more contemporary, clean lines.

"Sometimes with vintage clothes the femininity can get lost - the market didn't feel quite perfect, so that's what we've worked on. I've always been into vintage - before I became a pop star it was all I ever wore."